• Corporate Partnerships

    With frequent changes in income tax laws related to deductions, rebates and exemptions available to individuals, Employees tax planning and investment advise has become inevitable to avail all benefits available under income tax law

    Corporate partnerships by Mudrataxfiling primarily provide solutions to corporate companies to help file taxes for their employees.

    Tax Filing Solutions for Employers

    • A tax filing Helpdesk will be organized at your office location.
    • Filing service for all employees of a company/corporate.
    • E-filing done through an authorized chartered accountant.
    • Special discounted rates.
    • Mapping of tax advisor with employee’s tax situation.
    • Analysis of deductions utilized and income structure for tax minimization.
    • Advice relating to foreign exchange regulations applicable to individuals.

    Specialized Services for Corporate Employers, Expatriates and Senior Executives

    • Facility for senior executives to keep their tax affairs neat.
    • Specialized assistance to senior executives.
    • Premium service offered to clients that takes care of high tax brackets and offers optimum tax solutions.
  • Documents required to file Tax returns

    • 1. Copy of pan card.
    • 2. Full address with pin code.
    • 3. Email id and mobile number.
    • 4. Income tax website login details. (If not available/generated, we will assist in generating the same.)
    • 5. Copy of form 16.
    • 6. Details of any other income e.g. interest income (require interest certificate from bank), mf/stocks profit & loss details, capital gain, rental income, etc.
    • 7. Account number and IFSC code of all saving and current bank accounts where the assessee is the first / sole holder.
    • 8. Assets and liability details also required in case annual income is in excess of Rs. 50 lakhs.
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